Danny Hadas – Photographer

The desert has been my home for the past 35 years, and still I am amazed by its beautiful vistas. My love for nature and landscape photography started when I was a young child. I was greatly influenced by my father’s collection of nature and landscape photography, from Ansel Adams to National Geographic magazines. Alongside my photography, I am also a farmer and I have a dairy farm in Paran, a small moshav in the Arava valley in southern Israel.

My professional training started at the School of Visual Arts in Be’er-Sheva and since then I have participated in a number of workshops with some of the leading photographers from around the world. In addition to many galleries in Israel, my work has also been exhibited in Australia, England, Canada, Thailand (a project for the Thai government) and most recently in the United Nations Visitor Centre in New York.

Nature photography tours

After joining forces with Susan Meyer in teaching several photography workshops in the Arava desert, I found my passion for teaching landscape photography. Nowadays I run Arava Photography Tours where I find great joy in introducing others to the beautiful landscapes of the Arava and share new ways to look at nature.

“See the view as in a first encounter, live with it as an old friend”- is a true way of life for me. In both new and familiar places I like to take the time and get to know the landscape, which can be utterly changed with a different lighting.

I like to shoot in the desert around my home, in familiar places at different hours of the day and in different seasons. It’s very important to me to take the time while I am photographing, to enjoy the process and discover things beyond the first encounter. That being said, I also like to travel and photograph other parts of the world. Even then, I take my time getting to know the views.

My photography equipment

I often use a wide lense, controlling what goes in the frame and choosing an interesting subject to put in the forefront, giving the photograph a sense of depth. I always carry my tripod with me.
In my bag you can find:

Canon 5D mark 3
Canon 5D mark 2
Canon 70D
Canon 24-105 f-4
Canon 100-400
Sigma 17-35
Sigma 105 Macro
Gitzo tripod

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